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//FOR 2D
// Node -> Vertex
// Edge -> Vertex
// Face -> Line, Curve
// Cell -> Tri, Quad, Polygon, MultiLine
//FOR 3D
// Node -> Vertex
// Edge -> Line, Curve
// Face -> Tri, Quad, Polygon, MultiLine
// Cell -> Tet, Hex, Prism, Pyramid, Polyhedron, MultiPolygon
//1.0 read/write formats
// 1.1 read gmv
// 1.2 read different kinds of vtk besides unstructured
// 1.3 read/write xml vtk formats
// 1.4 pmf: print error when markers cannot be represented in current type and data was lost
// 1.5 pmf: save hide_marker, new_marker values
// 1.6 pmf: save topology checking information
//2. enchance iterators
// iterators should return pointers or references?
//3. geometry.cpp
// 3.0 decide how FixNormalOrientation should update geometric data
// 3.1 replace calculation of normale by hyperplane equation for any dimension??
// 3.2 correct Inside function to check weather point inside Segment, Polygon
// 3.3 dynamically balanced obtree or octree or kd-tree to query elements by position
//4. (done, need check) add some low-level mesh modification procedures to elements
// 5.1 add some high-level mesh modification procedures: split by plane,
// 5.2 csg: difference, union, intersection
// 5.3 calculate volume for concave elements, choose elements by minimum volume, not minimum number of elements in incident_matrix class (modify.cpp)
//5. reduce size used by sparse data
//6. new ElementSet class, derived from Element class
// 6.1 support ierarhy
//7. algorithm that checks topology on element creation
// 7.1 complete unimplemented tests for star-shaped objects, concavity
//1. algorithm in EndModification or ResolveModification to keep the mesh in parallel consistent state after element creation/deletion
// 1.1 restore contiguous global id
//2. test algorithm that checks for halo in ExchangeMarked, if performance increases
//3. decide how to exchange ElementSets between processors
//4. exchange data of type DATA_REFERENCE, by GlobalID and ElementType
//5. mesh_file.cpp
// 5.1 on parallel load, when there are more processors then parts in mesh - duplicate mesh on other processors??
// 5.2 when mesh is duplicated over many processors use local clusterization algorithm in ResolveShared
// shared parallel
//1. avoid markers in nbAdjElements, getAdjElements, getNodes, getEdges, getFaces, getCells, BridgeAdjacency
// partitioner:
//1. implement K-means clustering
//0. workaround for overlapping vertices and matrices
//1. read TODO on top of solver_*.hpp
//1. read TODO on top of INMOST_autodiff.h
// Recheck computation of derivatives!!!!
// Detect similar parts of the tree in Automatizator
// Restructure tree expressions
// Intorduce multivariate tables
// Generate opencl code
// Make so that stencil may be represented by tags, by set or by callback_function
//RegisterTable and table implementation should account for boundary conditions beyond data
//SOLVER todo:
// how to calculate diagonal perturbation?
// how to calculate schur complement faster
// done! implement crout-ILU from
// Documents/Read/solver/crout/crout.pdf to ILUC_preconditioner
// done! implement condition estimation for |L^{-1}| and |U^{-1}| and adaptive tau for ILUC_preconditioner from
// Documents\Read\solver\Read_now\bollhofer_siam.pdf
// done! try to make ILUC2_preconditioner - second order ILU from ILUC_preconditioner
// done! implement diagonal pivoting for ILUC - maybe need to update diagonal at every step
// goto references [7],[10]-(data structure!) from
// Documents\Read\solver\crout\crout.pdf
// return dropped values to diagonal if control vector is provided from
// Documents\Read\solver\stabilization\milut.pdf
// try to apply dropping while forming linked list,should correctly calculate condition estimates
// Calculate schur complement faster:
// Documents\Read\solver\sparse_matmul\sparse.pdf
// in ILUC_preconditioner, replace matrix structures by CSR, estimate number of nonzeros in rows/cols
// before filling, if necessery (how?)
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