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Remake Examples/GridTools/slice_func.cpp into service (unfinished)

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#ifndef __SLICE__H
#define __SLICE__H
#include "inmost.h"
using namespace INMOST;
class Slice
double epsf, epsl;
int maxits;
Mesh * m;
double Search(double r0, double r1, double c0[3], double c1[3], double p[3], bool binary = false) const;
double SearchZero(double r0, double r1, double c0[3], double c1[3], double p[3]) const;
Slice(double epsf = 1.0e-6, double epsl = 1.0e-3, int maxits = 100) : epsf(epsf), epsl(epsl), maxits(maxits) {}
Slice(const Slice & b) : epsf(b.epsf), epsl(b.epsl), maxits(b.maxits) {}
Slice & operator =(Slice const & b) {epsf = b.epsf; epsl = b.epsl; maxits = b.maxits; return *this;}
virtual ~Slice();
virtual double LevelFunction(double p[3]) const = 0;
void SliceMesh(Mesh & m);
#endif // __SLICE__H
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