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Fix Octree example. Added new functionalitywq

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This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -63,11 +63,22 @@ struct grid
/// This function corrects this division. Puts all children to one processor
void correct_brothers(struct grid* g, int size, int rank, int type);
void pre_eval(struct grid* g, int size, int rank);
void init_mesh(struct grid* g);
/// Debug. Print information about all cells
void print_all_about_cells(struct grid * g);
void print_cell_center(struct grid* g, Cell cell);
void print_node_center(struct grid* g, Node node);
void print_edge(struct grid* g, Edge edge);
void print_face_nodes(struct grid* g, Face face);
void print_face_edges(struct grid* g, Face face);
void print_cells_statistics(grid* g);
void command(grid* g);
void print_redist_tag(struct grid* g, int rank);
void ghost_to_shared(grid* g);
void remove_ghost_edges(grid* g);
void resolve_ghost(grid* g);
/// Initialize grid. Create tags and other data
void gridInit(struct grid * g, int n[3]);
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