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GRDECL format reader update

Replaced algorithm in GRDECL reader that determines location of intersection of segments from projected to physical coordinates. Privously it was performed with bilinear interpolation of pillar coordinates. This leads to segments being curvilinear arcs in physical world. Now the location is determined at the middle of the shortest possible segment between two original segments. ECL_CURVILINEAR option is absolute.

GRDECL reader now parses wells, well complitions, well specifications, well groups and defines well schedule through tags.
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......@@ -3011,8 +3011,6 @@ namespace INMOST
/// - "VTK_OUTPUT_FACES" - Set "1" for vtk output of values on faces
/// - "ECL_SPLIT_GLUED" - Set "TRUE" to triangulate faces of the blocks that degenerate on three pillars.
/// - "ECL_CURVILINEAR" - Set "TRUE" to make edges curvilinear on non-flat faces, helps resolve weird geometry,
/// right now this is "TRUE" by default since results are much better.
/// - "ECL_PROJECT_PERM" - Set "TRUE" to project permeability tensor from grid block coordinates
/// into global coordinates. Otherwise the tensor is considered to be
/// defined on global coordinates. Default "FALSE".
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