Commit ecebb51b authored by Kirill Terekhov's avatar Kirill Terekhov
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prevent windows crash on uninitialized value

parent 5f6fa7ce
......@@ -1357,11 +1357,11 @@ static bool allow_pivot = true;
double tt1, tt2,ttt;
//in localPQ numbers indicate where to put current row/column
//reorder E,F blocks by swaps
//tt1 = Timer();
tt1 = Timer();
//inverse ordering
ReorderEF(wbeg,wend, donePQ, localP, localQ);
inversePQ(wbeg,wend,localP,localQ, invP,invQ);
//tt1 = Timer() - tt1;
tt1 = Timer() - tt1;
//std::cout << "reorder: " << tt1 << std::endl;
tt2 = Timer();
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