Commit ee27b945 authored by Kirill Terekhov's avatar Kirill Terekhov
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remove data structure compression that may lead to a bug

parent 692351eb
......@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ namespace INMOST
class Row
#pragma pack(push,r1,4)
//#pragma pack(push,r1,4)
/// Entry of the sparse matrix row.
typedef struct entry_s
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ namespace INMOST
//entry_s(const entry_s& b) : first(b.first), second(b.second) {}
entry_s() : first(ENUMUNDEF), second(0.0) {}
} entry;
#pragma pack(pop,r1)
//#pragma pack(pop,r1)
/// Assemble an entry of entry_s type.
/// @param ind Index.
/// @param val Value.
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