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Added XML parsing as a service

parent 1ea676ef
......@@ -247,6 +247,7 @@ set(INMOST_INSTALL_HEADERS Source/Headers/inmost.h
......@@ -277,6 +278,7 @@ set_property(TARGET inmost PROPERTY PUBLIC_HEADER
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ set(HEADER
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -9,5 +9,6 @@
#include "inmost_partitioner.h"
#include "inmost_variable.h"
#include "inmost_nonlinear.h"
#include "inmost_xml.h"
#include "inmost.h"
namespace INMOST
std::string CharToHex(char c);
#if defined(USE_MESH)
std::string ReferenceToString(INMOST::HandleType h, int pos);
#if defined(USE_AUTODIFF)
std::string VariableToString(INMOST::Storage::var v);
char * sstrip(char * str);
std::string sstrip(const std::string & input);
int ConvertHex(char in);
char atoc(const char * str);
class XMLReader
class Interpreter
bool error_state;
std::vector<std::string> Expand(const std::string & input) const;
std::vector<std::string> MakePolish(const std::vector<std::string> & input);
void Print(const std::vector<std::string> & polish) const;
double Run(const std::vector<std::string> & polish);
Interpreter(const Interpreter & b);
Interpreter & operator = (Interpreter const & b);
double Evaluate(const std::string & str);
bool isError();
void ClearError();
Interpreter intrp;
struct Stream
std::string src;
std::istream * s;
int linebreak, linechar;
int hadlinebreak, hadlinechar;
std::vector<Stream> inp;
int verbose;
enum State
Intro, //read tag or read tag contents
WaitTag, //wait tag name or comment
ReadTag, //reading in tag name
ReadCommentExclamation, //skipping comments
ReadCommentQuestion, //skipping comments
WaitAttribute, //reading attribute name
WaitAttributeValue, //read attribute value
EndTag, //tag ended read closing
ReadContents, //parse a word
ReadContentsVector, // {0,1,2,3}
ReadContentsQuotes, // "hello world"
ReadContentsMultiplier, // 123*5
ReadContentsMultiplierSkopes, // 123*(SetSize/2)
EndOfFile, // end of file reached
Failure //unexpected error
} _state;
Stream & get_Stream();
const Stream & get_Stream() const;
std::istream & get_iStream();
const std::istream & get_iStream() const;
//should not share the reference to the stream with another reader
XMLReader(const XMLReader & other);
XMLReader & operator =(XMLReader & other);
char GetChar();
//return one character back to the stream
void RetChar();
void SkipComments(State RetState);
std::string StateName(State s) const;
void Report(const char * fmt, ...) const;
XMLReader(std::string sourcename, std::istream & input);
void PushStream(std::string file);
void PopStream();
//read in <TagName returns TagName
std::string ReadOpenTag();
//read > or /> skipping for attributes
int ReadCloseTag();
bool isTagFinish() const;
//read </TagName> or fail
bool ReadFinishTag(std::string TagName);
//read next attribute name, check isTagEnded
std::string AttributeName();
//read value of the attribute after reading it's name
std::string AttributeValue();
// > or /> was reached, should close ReadCloseTag
// to finalize
bool isTagEnded() const;
//read in <![CDATA[
//Quick and dirty, rewrite with states!
bool ReadOpenContents();
//get next full word inside contents
std::string GetContentsWord();
//read ]]>
bool ReadCloseContents();
//]]> was reached, should call ReadCloseContents
//to finalize
bool isContentsEnded() const;
bool isFailure() const;
bool isEof() const;
#if defined(USE_MESH)
INMOST::ElementType atoes(const char * _str);
INMOST::ElementType atoe(const char * _str);
std::pair<INMOST::ElementType,int> atoh(const char * _str);
std::pair<std::string,std::pair<INMOST::ElementType,int> > atorh(const char * _str);
#if defined(USE_AUTODIFF)
INMOST::Storage::var atov(const char * _str);
int EvaluateExpression(std::string expression);
int ConvertMultiplier(std::string expression, int SetSize);
void SplitValueMultiplier(std::string expression, std::string & value, std::string & multiplier);
bool ParseBool(std::string word);
void ParseCommaSeparated(std::string word, std::vector<std::string> & parsed, char symbol = ',');
void ParseReal(std::string word, std::vector<INMOST::Storage::real> & Vector, int & Repeat, int SetSize);
#if defined(USE_AUTODIFF)
void ParseVariable(std::string word, std::vector<INMOST::Storage::var> & Vector, int & Repeat, int SetSize);
void ParseInteger(std::string word, std::vector<INMOST::Storage::integer> & Vector, int & Repeat, int SetSize);
void ParseBulk(std::string word, std::string & Vector, int & Repeat, int SetSize);
void ParseReference(std::string word, std::vector<std::pair<INMOST::ElementType,int> > & Vector, int & Repeat, int SetSize);
void ParseRemoteReference(std::string word, std::vector< std::pair<std::string,std::pair<INMOST::ElementType,int> > > & Vector, int & Repeat, int SetSize);
struct XMLAttrib
std::string name;
std::string value;
struct XMLTag
std::string name; //<Name of the XML tag
std::vector<XMLAttrib> attributes; //<List of attributes
int finish; //<Whether to close the tag
///Was not able to read the tag
bool Failure() const;
///Tag was red, can process the contents
bool Process() const;
///Tag was not red, finish of enclosing tag was encountered
bool Finalize() const;
const XMLAttrib & GetAttib(int n) const;
XMLAttrib & GetAttib(int n);
int NumAttrib() const;
XMLTag OpenTag();
bool CloseTag(XMLTag & tag);
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