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    Updates to GRDECL/VTU readers · 61de3bb7
    Kirill Terekhov authored
    Many updates to GRDECL file format:
    - Processing more properties fields, such as pressure, sgas, soil, etc.
    - Processing MULTIPLY keyword for properties and transmissibilities
    - Introduced field TRANM for transmissibility multipliers set with TRANX/TRANY/TRANZ keywords in MULTIPLY keyword, or with EDITNNC keywords or FAULTS/MULTFLT keyword
    - Algorithm that separates faces in place of blocks with zero volume and nonzero ACTNUM. Option ECL_DEGENERATE that replaces algorithm with transmissibility multiplier in TRANM.
    -Optimization: bypass algorithm that resolves faces out of set of edges when only one face is expected.
    - Processing of NTG keyword.
    Fix swap algorithm in dynarray container.
    Loading of 2d and mixed 2d/3d grids from VTU files.
    Fix Visual Studio warnings in sparse.cpp
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