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    Many fixes · fb24de0b
    Kirill Terekhov authored
    OldDrawGrid example: mesh slicing algorithm can now correctly resolve
    multiple slices on single cell.
    USE_AUTODIFF do not require USE_SOLVER and USE_MESH:
    If USE_MESH is not activated, class Automatizator and algebra for
    abstract variables is not compiled.
    If USE_SOLVER is not activated, class Residual is not compiled.
    Fixed reverse_iterator::operator- in ElementArray.
    class incident_matrix that computes closed loops out of set of edges or
    faces can now work on coordinates other then physical coordinates.
    Fixed Face::SplitFace() was not connecting newly created faces to cells.
    Cell::Volume() now uses algorithm working correctly on non-convex cells.
    Face::CheckNormalOrientation() will now use volume calculation
    algorithm for non-convex cells to correctly orient faces.
    Face::FixNormalOrientation() will now use Face::SwapCells() instead of
    Face::ReorderEdges() on internal faces. New version is thread-safe with
    respect to Face::CheckNormalOrientation().
    Improved algorithm for loading eclipse meshes.
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